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What Is Wire Mesh Used for?

September 20, 2022

Industrial wire mesh is often used in many different industries. Metal wires are woven or sintered to form wire mesh discs, also known as strainers or filter discs. Wire mesh discs are particularly suitable in a variety of mesh-making industries as they are available in a wide range of gauges, different alloys, and a wide range of sizes. Metal alloys used to manufacture wire mesh discs include galvanized steel mesh, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, bronze, and many more.


In-line filters, internal ducts, pipes, conduits, and various other filtration applications are all possible uses for wire mesh discs. It is made from sintered sheet metal or stainless steel is woven wire mesh fabric. Spot welded together to form a circular frame or specific shape. Edges and frames may or may not be included in the supply. The pharmaceutical, mining, water treatment, food and beverage, and gas and oil industries are five industries where wire mesh trays are frequently used.

Filter Discs and Packs

Filter Discs and Packs

The five industries that use wire mesh are as follows:


1. Water treatment industry

The clean water coming out of your home's taps could be due to wire mesh discs. By removing contaminants and unwanted items, wire mesh disc filters are a beneficial and sustainable technology for producing clean water. To filter out impurities as fine as one micron, sintered wire mesh is a highly reliable filter material that uses multiple layers of woven wire cloth. Due to its durability, strength, corrosion resistance, ease of cleaning, and long service life, sintered wire cloth is ideally suited to water filtration.


2. Food and beverage industry

Wire mesh trays are a common remedy for a variety of problems in the food and beverage industry, from spill-proof screens to beverage filtration. Due to their corrosion resistance and ease of cleaning, wire mesh trays for these applications are often made from food-grade stainless steel.


Wire mesh discs are a valuable material in the extraction and separation stages of food processing. For example, in filter presses, cocoa masses and cocoa butter are separated using woven wire mesh discs. The use of wire mesh discs allows for the dewatering of food.

Coffee Filter Disc

Coffee Filter Disc

3. Mining

Many different industries are dependent on mining operations. The mining industry ultimately needs to complete every process from aerospace to jewelry manufacturing. In the mining industry, wire mesh filter discs, which are primarily used for filtration, are extremely important. They are used to extract and process materials from the earth.


In the manufacturing process, industrial wire mesh discs ensure that the minerals contain as little foreign material as possible. As this filtration reduces the loss of priceless resources, the life span of the minerals is increased overall. It is common practice to use wire mesh screen trays to prevent contamination. These screens are used to filter out unwanted minerals as well as twigs, grass, boulders and metal slag.


4. Pharmaceutical industry

Separating the desired ingredients from unwanted materials on a very small scale is an important part of the drug production process. Screens made from wire mesh discs are used to remove large areas of contamination and to ensure the quality of ingredients and finished products. Wire mesh discs made from stainless steel 316L are often used in the manufacture of pharmaceutical products. a low carbon variant of 316 stainless steel, known as 316L stainless steel, offers the highest level of corrosion resistance. The hygienic condition of the finished product can also be protected by wire mesh trays.


5. Natural gas and oil industry

Wire mesh discs are also used in oil and gas refineries for filtration procedures. For example, regulated monolithic woven wire mesh discs are created for optimum mechanical quality, precise particle control and optimal filtration. Due to its strong acid and corrosion resistance, 316L grade stainless steel is a popular metal for wire mesh discs in this industry. At the other end of the oil industry, wire mesh discs are used as oil absorbers and filters in the automotive industry.