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Copper Wire Mesh

Large inventory, support customization

Copper wire mesh is made of silk threads woven by plain, twill or ruffled patterns. Depending on the requirements, we can manufacture copper wire cloth in different shapes or densities.

Copper wire screens have good thermal conductivity and non-magnetic properties, so they can be used for fireplace screens or Faraday cages. The high density allows it to be used for filters or insect screens. Copper wire cloth has a beautiful appearance and can be used to decorate ceilings or as space dividers, fine art.


Copper Wire Mesh

Copper wire mesh is flexible and malleable, and has high thermal and electrical conductivity. These characteristics make it popular for the following applications. RFI shielding, Faraday cages, HVAC, and many electrical based applications. Copper wire mesh is able to bend easily, yet still retain its strength.

Copper wire mesh is yellowish red when first woven and gradually fades (discolors) to a green/blue color called bronze. This patina effect can be accelerated by first removing oil from the surface of the mesh using "Shower Power "or a similar mild household cleaning product. After rinsing clean, the copper will shine, but will lose its protective effect.

In outdoor environments, discoloration will be evident in less than six months in climates such as the beach, or may remain unfaded for years in desert conditions. This discoloration can be stopped by painting, waxing or periodic oiling to protect it from atmospheric conditions.


High electrical conductivity and corrosion resistance

Uniform opening

Red-orange metallic luster

High flexibility during use

Easy to cut by scissors


Over time, the distinctive green color of patina has made copper wire mesh a very popular choice for designers, artists, architects and homeowners. Homeowners and designers choose copper wire mesh for residential projects such as: gutter guards, insect screens, fireplace screens or decorative wall panels. Artists, including: sculptors, woodworkers, metalworkers and architects prefer copper wire mesh because of its ability to form intricate shapes.

Other uses for copper mesh include.

Gutter and gable screens

Insect screens

Root control

Cabinet screens


Paper Making

Copper mesh is easy to cut with scissors, which makes it a popular choice for home improvement and remodeling enthusiasts. However, copper mesh is not just for decorative or DIY projects. It is used in a myriad of applications in a variety of industries.

Copper Wire Mesh

Choosing Copper Wire Mesh

Copper wire mesh has many applications, so it's important to understand the features and patterns needed for the job at hand. From the microscopic level in the lab, to RFI shielding in an MRI room, copper wire mesh can provide a safe barrier against electromagnetic radiation.

The versatility of copper wire mesh means that there are many industries that rely on it. It is often at the center of technological advances in a wide range of fields. Copper wire mesh is most widely used in the following area

Energy storage

Electric heaters

Pest control fumigation

Tactical military shelters and modular containers

Robotics and power automation

Gamma irradiators

Health, body and mind enrichment

Space Program Initiative (NASA)

Metal smelting and bookbinding

Air and liquid filtration and separation

 Tengde offers copper wire mesh and wire screens in a variety of weaves and a comprehensive selection of mesh counts. This makes copper wire mesh the perfect choice for any project, from do-it-yourself homes to large industrial projects. Our copper wire mesh is commercially pure at over 99% and can be supplied in rolls or cut into sheets. Contact the experts at Tengde today to get an estimate for your project!

Specification parameter:

Raw materials: pure copper wire, red copper wire, brass wire, phosphor bronze wire

Weaving: plain weaving or twill weaving

Mesh count: 2-325mesh

Width: by client make it

Wire diameter: 0.035-2mm

Hole shape: square hole

Mesh Surface: clean, smooth, small magnetic.

Uses: Seperation and sifting kinds pellet, grain, porcelain earth and glass, chinaware printing, filter liquid, etc.

Length: 30m/roll

Packing: Water-Proof, Plastic Paper, Wooden Case, Pallet