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Perforated Metal Cylinder, Perforated Metal Tubes

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About Perforated Metal Cylinder:

Perforated Metal Cylinder is also called perforated metal filter, which is made of aluminium, stainless steel, carbon steel and alloy sheet. Depending on the opening diameter, we design your custom sheet width and punching. These sheets are then rounded into spirals or straight strips and welded by argon arc welding. The surface of the perforated filter tube is treated by electropolishing, galvanizing, sandblasting, pickling and passivation. Applicable to multiple industries.

Specification Parameter of Perforated Metal Cylinder

Material: stainless steel 302, 304, 304l, 316, 316l, aluminium plate, metal, etc.

Hole Shape: square, round, triangle, hexagonal, etc.

Hole Diameter: 1mm-6mm.

Thickness of metal: 0.2mm-3mm.

Process: Perforated metal cylinder can be single perforated metal screen cylinder, also can be sintered with woven wire mesh, then made into cylinder.

Perforated Metal Cylinder, Perforated Metal Tubes

Applicationof Perforated Metal Cylinder: 

Perforated metal filter with high strength structure, micron filter rating and tube thickness can be customized, it is widely used in liquid filtration, gas liquidation, air filtration, pharmacy industry, chemical industry, industrial filtration, etc.

Advantages and Characters:

  1. Acid resisting, alkali resisting, heat resisting, corrosion resisting.

  2. Uniform weld seam and good pressure resistance

  3. High filtering precision.

  4. The surface is smooth and flat.

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