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904 904L Stainless Steel Mesh

Large inventory, support customization

904 904L stainless steel mesh often using in sea water, often is Sea water filter stainless steel mesh

Company advantage: large inventory, can be delivered at any time, support special specifications special customization


Specification of 904l Stainless Steel Mesh

1. Raw material: sus 904 904L

2. Mesh count: 1-400mesh

3. Features: superior corrosion resistance in the non-oxidizing acid such as sulfuric acid, acetic acid, formic acid, phosphoric acid.

4. Applications: widely used in the sea-water treatment filtering industry.

5. Chemical Composition:

904L Stainless Steel
ElementContent %

Features of 904l Stainless Steel Mesh

Non-magnetic under all conditions.

Withstands outdoor exposure without rusting.

Good strength and excellent corrosion resistance in harsh industrial and chemical environments.

Good resistance to inorganic acids (i.e. hot phosphoric acid) as well as most organic acids.

Less resistant to nitric acid than T-304L (without molybdenum).

Best used below 750°F (brittleness can occur at higher temperatures).

Easy to weld, harder to cut and form than T-316L (hence the need for higher cutting forces).

904 904L Stainless Steel Mesh

Applications of 904l Stainless Steel Mesh:

In acid, alkali environment conditions sieving and filtering.
Petroleum industry as mud mesh.
Chemical fiber industry as screen mesh.
Plating industry as acid cleaning mesh.

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904 904L Stainless Steel Mesh