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Aluminum Wire Mesh

Large inventory, support customization

Aluminum wire mesh is also corrosion resistant in most normal environments but will corrode quickly in the presence of alkaline solutions and hydrochloric and hydrofluoric acids. With an estimated melting point of 1218°F, aluminum has many benefits, including a relatively low cost compared to other meshes. Aluminum woven wire mesh is a popular choice for a wide array of industries including aerospace and automotive, as well as marine and electrical conductivity applications.


Aluminum Wire Mesh

For its price, quality and adaptability, aluminum wire mesh works perfectly in many applications. Because of its flexible material nature, the mesh is easy to form, mold and cut with basic hand tools easily found at any hardware store. Tin snips can cut heavier 2 mesh into 10 mesh, while household scissors should be able to cut finer mesh for 16 mesh and up.

Tengde offer a wide selection of wire mesh types by material, finish, size and weave, which means there are endless combinations available to meet your project needs. We also offer laser cutting services to create custom parts accurately, efficiently and economically. We are here to help you find the best mesh for your needs.


People like aluminum wire mesh because it is lightweight and strong. This material is the key to many vents, fan shrouds and filters. In addition, aluminum fan shrouds keep out birds, bats and snakes.

Aluminum is a common first choice because of its relative affordability and its lower price than some other metals. Its high electrical conductivity makes it ideal for a variety of applications and it resists corrosion under most normal conditions.

Industrial, marine, aerospace, transportation and many other industries have turned to aluminum wire mesh for its unique advantages. Its uses include.

8 mesh Keeps bees out of attics and other housing spaces. (5 mesh does not include queens.)

8 mesh and finer mesh keeps exhaust fans away from debris and insects.

Sizes including 20 mesh are an important part of roof vents.

A range of aluminum mesh panels can be used to filter, strain and perform other essential tasks in ducts, pipes and ducts.

Aluminum can reduce weight by up to 65% compared to heavier wire mesh, making it an essential material for lightweight screens. It is also flexible enough to be used in applications where stronger steel screens would not be possible, such as vents.


Good strength, good weldability and resistance to acids and alkalis.

Significant resistance to atmospheric corrosion.

High electrical conductivity.

Low melting point 1220 degrees Fahrenheit.

Lighter weight than steel, copper and brass.

Easy to form and bend.

Lower cost than stainless steel.

Maintenance free.

Aluminum Wire Mesh

Choosing your screen material

In general, our website provides detailed descriptions and pictures of many aluminum screens. For those unfamiliar with wire mesh terminology,2 mesh has two openings in each direction in a square inch. You can easily put a pencil through the openings.

16 mesh is used for window or porch screens to keep out common insects. 60x40 mesh is a common size for kitchen faucets. 80 mesh has one opening and barely fits through human hair. A sheet is about three thousandths of an inch (.003).

Specification Parameter

Woven Type: Plain Weave and Twill Weave

Mesh: 1-200 mesh, To accurately

Wire Dia.: 0.04-3.5 mm, small deviation

Width: 190mm, 915mm, 1000mm, 1245mm to 1550mm

Length: 30m, 30.5m or cut to length minimum 2m

Hole shape: Square Hole

Wire Material: aluminum wire

Mesh Surface: clean, smooth, small magnetic.

Packing: Water-Proof, Plastic Paper, Wooden Case, Pallet

Min.Order Quantity: 30 SQM

Delivery Detail: 3-15 days

Sample: Free Charge

Woven aluminum mesh, plain
Wire diameter (mm)Aperture (mm)MeshLength(m)Width(m)
4.00400.58300.5 - 1.5
4.00300.75300.5 - 1.5
3.2250.87300.5 - 1.5
3.2201.1300.5 - 1.5
2.6201.12300.5 - 1.5
2.0121.8300.5 - 1.5
1.873300.5 - 1.5
1.863.25300.5 - 1.5
1.673300.5 - 1.5
1.635.5300.5 - 1.5
1.444.7300.5 - 1.5
1.282.7300.5 - 1.5
1.263.5300.5 - 1.5
1.054.25300.5 - 1.5
0.829300.5 - 1.5
0.50.918300.5 - 1.5
0.40.8720500.5 - 1.5
0.350.8022500.5 - 1.5
0.30.7624500.5 - 1.5
0.250.7326500.5 - 1.5
0.250.6030500.5 - 1.5
0.250.3940500.5 - 1.5
0.20.3150500.5 - 1.5
0.10.11120500.5 - 1.5
0.0550.072200500.5 - 1.5

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