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Filter Tube

Large inventory, support customization

We have 20 years experiences in producing wire mesh filter fittings including welded wire mesh tubes and cylinders. Mainly used in petroleum, chemical industry, pharmacy, foodstuff and water treatment.


Tengde--A Professional Wire Mesh Filter Tube Exporter

1. We have 20 years of production and R&D experience in Wire Mesh Filter Tube, nearly 100 senior professional technicians and more than 80 sets of CNC and other automated production equipment. Over the years, our company's technical level and product quality have been in the leading position in the industry.

2. We also offer custom services. We can produce special-shaped wire mesh and wire mesh deep processing according to your needs. Our products are strictly inspected to ensure that the products are absolutely qualified.

3. We have large inventory, can be delivered at any time, support special specifications special customization

4. We can manufacture from 8 to 80 mesh for plain weave and twill weave and from 12x64 mesh to 40x200 mesh for dutch weave.

Specification of Wire Mesh Filter Tube

Material: ss304 wire mesh, ss316 wire mesh, ss316l wire mesh, brass wire mesh

Shape: round shape, rectangular shape, toroidal shape, square shape, oval shape, other special shape

Round shape: diameter: 44 to 600mm
Toroidal shape: inner diameter 18 to 250mm, outer diameter 50 to 350mm
Rectangular shape: width 50 to 100mm, length 60 to 400mm

Application of Wire Mesh Filter Tube

Petroleum chemical industry, oil field pipeline filter.

Fuel refueling equipment filter, water treatment equipment filter.

Pharmaceutical and food processing field etc.

20 years of experience, we focus on quality. If you have any questions or needs, please feel free to contact us!