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Stainless Steel Wire Mesh

Stainless Steel Filter Mesh

Stainless steel filter mesh is among the most functional media in the field of surface filterings. The micron-leveled apertures are uniformly and precisely dispersed, offering Stainless steel filter mesh higher precision , and can be made use of to filter the tiniest bits on the planet consisting of a plethora of markets and applications like plastic & rubber improvement.

Our Stainless steel filter mesh is woven by different weave types and size as well as products to suit the marketplace needs. The typical weave types consist of plain dutch & twill dutch. The previous is designed for high flow as well as the last for fine purification. Aside from these 2 kinds, customized kinds are available such as reverse dutch weave & twill weave.

Plain dutch is also known as stainless steel dutch woven wire cloth and stainless steel filter cloth. It is usually made of mild steel wire and stainless steel wire. Stainless steel dutch wire mesh is extensively utilized as filter fittings for the chemical industry, medicine, petroleum, scientific research units, due to its stable and fine filtration capability.

Twill dutch wires of the weft and the warp inter-cross two above and two below, inverting the intersections of the warp wire at an established distance, obtaining a rigid, stable and robust type of wire mesh fabric. The pattern is staggered on successive warp wires, giving the appearance of parallel diagonal lines.

Stainless steel filter mesh is one of the most prominent thing for its excellent buildings in resisting heats, deteriorations and contortion. Other products are possible including galvanized steel, copper and also other alloy steels.

Stainless steel filter mesh is supplied for your special needs like unique product, weave types, sizes and also shapes,we can provide customized services.custom stainless steel filter mesh is just one of our benefits in servicing our clients. Simply email us your questions, punctual reply will be received.

Stainless Steel Filter Mesh Applications

Food & Drink.


Paper Making.

Oil & Chemical Industry.

Plastic & Rubber Improvement.

Oil & Gas Filtration.

Hydraulic Filtering.

Stainless Steel Filter Mesh Attributes and benefits:

Precise filter holes

Has superior heat and corrosion resistance.

Can be washed multiple times and used repeatedly and durable

Various shapes are available.

Long-term with a large domestic oil field mine, petroleum, machinery, chemical, and other units to maintain good relations of cooperation, and with the United states, Japan, Russia, Australia and so on more than 70 countries has established the good trade.You can click here to view our quality certificate.

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