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Plain Dutch Weave Mesh is woven by using closures and warp threads of different diameters. Schutt wire is woven with smaller diameters in microns from larger diameter warp threads. Plain weave wire mesh is tightly woven to produce a high strength mesh while allowing for smooth flow

Finer wire sizes in microns are tightly woven together to provide a tight wire mesh for filtration operations. Larger wire reinforces the mesh. Plain Dutch woven wire mesh is used to filter and separate liquid and slurry materials.

We offer a wide range of weave wire mesh, which is highly recommended due to its large surface structure. This product has the ability to obtain high flow rates and nominal pressure drops. These are commonly used for filter candles in edible oil refining, pre-coated filters for large mechanical loads, food and pharmaceutical filtration. We offer a higher quality dutch wire mesh, which is highly respected among wire filter fabrics. Plain weave wire cloth is similar to plain weave wire cloth. Each warp thread and each weft thread passes above and below the next adjacent thread.

Mesh weave is available in two wire sizes. The weft threads have a finer wire diameter and are tightly woven together to provide a tight mesh for filtration. The warp threads have a thicker thread diameter, which provides strength to the woven wire fabric.

Woven wire fabrics are used for a wide range of applications, from high-tech filtration to insect screening. The list of applications is endless and includes screening, filtration, carrying, protection, reinforcement, design and classification.

Plain Dutch Weave Mesh features

Larger warp wire diameter than weft wire; weft wire may be tightly packed together; high accuracy; nominal or no pressure loss during filtration; large filtration surface; more stable and more than square and rectangular screens; finer openings for improved filtration efficiency and quality; thicker wire has higher tensile strength; strong construction and long service life.

Plain Dutch Weave Mesh Applications

Plain Dutch Weave Mesh is mainly used in petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, metallurgical, mechanical, marine and automotive absorption, evaporation and filtration processes to remove mist droplets or liquid foam or as air filters for cars and trucks. It can also be made into extruder screens for melt filtration.

Plain Dutch woven wire cloth is used for solids separation and clarification filtration of liquids, such as fuel or hydraulic fluid cleaning, water treatment in the mining industry.


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