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Benefits of Metal Mesh Filters

July 11, 2022

Proper filtration of a variety of substances helps make the world go round, from automotive filters to filters in medical devices. This puts the onus on engineers to identify the filter media that strikes the perfect balance between durability, accuracy, and cost-effectiveness.


That's why we strive to educate system operators and engineers on the function of metal mesh, especially when used as a mesh filter. So, what exactly is a wire mesh filter? Tengde has been a well-known metal mesh products manufacturer and is here to help you better understand if it is right for your filtration operation.


To that end, this article will cover.


What is a metal mesh?

What is a mesh filter?

The benefits associated with a metal mesh filter

Filter Element

 Filter Element

What is metal mesh?

Metal mesh, also known as woven wire mesh, is a calculated array of individual metal wires connected together to form pore openings with precise dimensions. Specifications such as the number of holes, wire diameter, weave pattern, layer configuration, and alloy were predetermined before the centuries-old weaving process used to create the mesh.


Now, it is possible to mold and shape metal mesh without compromising its integrity of the mesh. This allows it to provide ideal filtration for a wide range of industries.


What is a mesh filter?

As you know, a filter is a porous material designed to remove impurities and tramp particles from liquids and gases. A variety of materials are used as filtration media in the filtration field, such as metal fiber mats and wedge wire.


Low-pressure filters

Mesh filters are networks of metal wires that form flexible filter cloths with precise, rigid pore openings that engineers can customize to fit most filtration systems. In addition, because wire mesh filters are one of the most durable filtration media available, they can be used in applications such as sanitary piping systems to remove contaminants or in applications such as nut filters to extract filter cake.

Filter Basket

Filter Basket     

Why use metal mesh?

Metal mesh filters have many benefits. These include filter cleanability, accuracy, flow rate, and durability.


Let's take a look at how metal mesh provides the listed benefits.


Flow Rate

One of the most important advantages of metal mesh over most filter media in use today is its ability to provide adequate flow rates. This is possible because the wire diameter and mesh aperture can be customized to perfectly match the contaminants you are filtering out, providing you with a higher level of filter surface area.


This is especially true when using a 3-D metal mesh filter. This is because the 3-D mesh filter offsets the two layers of filter cloth, doubling the achievable flow rate.

Ultra-Thin Stainless Steel Wire Mesh

Ultra-Thin Stainless Steel Wire Mesh



While alloys such as Alloy 310, Inconel 600, Super Duplex, Duplex, Hastelloy C22, and Titanium can be used to construct metal mesh filters, 300 series stainless steel is primarily used. This helps create filters that can withstand a wide range of impurities, pressure changes, and extreme temperatures without compromising the accuracy of the filter.


In addition, stainless steel is a very flexible material that allows the filter to be molded to fit your filtration system and retain its shape after many uses.



The weaving process used to construct the mesh filters is closely monitored from start to finish. The result is a filter with precise and uniform orifice openings throughout the filter. These precise pore openings ensure that the final product, whether filtered material or cake, is consistent and meets industry standards.



Because of the metal mesh's precise pore openings, clogging and blockage are significantly reduced. This, combined with higher flow rates, means that system operators can easily clean the metal mesh. These two features allow the mesh filter to backflush with minimal pressure and remove any unwanted debris.

If you want to get more information about the wire mesh filter, welcome to contact us today or request a quote.  

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